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Chillums: What You Need To Know

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

There are a lot of way to enjoy your favorite herbs, especially when it comes to smoking. There are water bongs, glass pipes, and an almost insane amount of different types of papers that you can use to have an awesome session, but the world doesn’t end there. There is also another item in the world of smoking that’s becoming more popular as hand-made glass pieces rise in popularity: buy the glass chillum. Not many people know that this smoking tool even exists, much less what exactly it is or how to use it. Today, we’ll be telling you what you need to know about chillums for sale so you can stay informed and on top of the smoking world!

Light History of Chillums

The chillum apparently originated from India and has there are records of it being used as early as the 18th century. It later spread to the rest of the world around the mid 1960’s, something that’s easy to believe seeing as that was the age of peace, love and hippie freedom. The chillum has since become a bigger part of how North American enthusiasts enjoy their herbs but also seems to have some pretty deep roots in Africa, where chillums have apparently been using chillums for quite some time.

What Are They Made Of?

Chillums can be made out of glass, wood, bamboo, or even ivory. Chillums were traditionally made out of clay though there aren’t many out there that are these days. The material it’s made of has less to do with how well it will work and more to do with what it will cost and how it might look. Wood and ivory chillums tend to be more decorative and visually dynamic than glass ones, though the glass ones do look nice in their own right.

How Do You Use a Chillum?

Many people might be pretty tempted to use a chillum like you would a pipe, and aside from that being pretty hard, it would also be the wrong way to use it. The real way to use a chillum is to take draws from it through your hand. Yes, this does sound confusing and we all realize that, but it isn’t nearly as hard as you’d think. The basic idea is to make your hands into a fist (thumb on the outside, not the inside of course), then put the smaller end of the loaded chillum in between your middle finger and ring finger, or ring finger and pinky if that’s what turns your crank. Once you’ve done that, light the top of the chillum, make a hole using your first finger and thumb and breathe in to enjoy. You’re essentially turning your hand into a bong and that idea can help you wrap your head around the technique. This isn’t the only way to smoke one, but it will get you started. Now that you know all this, maybe it’s time to add a chillum to your glass collection!