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Are Glow In The Dark Bongs Worth It?

Friday, 27 November 2015

When you go out to purchase a new piece of glass, you might get a bit lost on the way to figuring out what it is you really want out of your piece. There are a lot of cool techniques out there that lead to the creation of come pretty cool pieces of glass. Some of them have crazy percolators and diffusers, some have crazy shapes, some have cool colors and some even glow in the dark! That being said, sometimes you end up having to pay extra for a bong that just so happens to also glow in the dark, but are glow in the dark bongs really worth the money? Today we’ll be taking a close look at that idea to see if it’s really worth the money to purchase a glow int he dark bong!

What Does a Glow In The Dark Bong Actually Do?

Other than the normal things you’d expect from a normal bong, not much. Glows in the dark, but that’s about it. What you’re paying for is the technique used to create phosphorescent glass that’s in the shape of a bong. It’s more about the shaping than anything in this particular case and unless you can blow glass then there is no way you can shrug off the fact that it takes skill to pull it off.

Does Glowing Ever Come In Handy?

There are a rare few moments where being a bong that glows in the dark is a real benefit. more often than not it’s a gimmick that is poorly executed and barely pulls off the act of glowing the dark, even with a great deal of effort put in. That being said, there are time when you might want to have a session in a room that isn’t as well lit as it usually is, and at that point you might feel like it was a great idea to buy a glow in the dark bong. It looks a lot cooler than your standard bong when you’re using it in the dark and it makes for a more interesting experience

When Is A Glow In The Dark Bong A Bad Idea?

If you want to keep your bong more of a secret, it could be a problem if it’s glows, especially if it’s good quality and glows a lot. There are some people our there tho simply wouldn’t be able to get away with having a bong that announced it’s existence like a glow in the dark bong would.  More importantly, if the amount of money you have to spend to get a glow in the dark bong keeps you from getting a piece that really fulfills your needs, it’s time to switch to rethink your decisions.