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Pipe Smoking Tips

Monday, 07 December 2015

Smoking seems like a pretty cut and dry experience to most people. Some may simply see it as a simple inhale and exhale with a bit of fire in between, but that’s not how we see it. Smoking a pipe can be a really enjoyable experience that, depending on the smoking pipe, can take some skill to do properly. To help newcomers to the world of glass pipes, much like the waterpipebongs.com post Pipe Smoking Primer, today we’ve got a list of pipe smoking tips for herb enthusiasts to help you get the most out of your next adventure with your trusty pipe!

Tip #1) Moistness

The first tips has everything to do with your herb. When you’re using it in a vaporizer, it’s in your best interests to get it as dry as you can so that it vaporizes better. That is not the case for smoking in a pipe at all. Super dry herb will lead to a burn that’s way too quick to really enjoy. You may get to the end of your session and find you’re still wanting. Too wet and the burn will be terrible at best – like burning a pile of wet leaves. The trick it to have it dry enough that it burns nicely, but moist enough that it doesn’t burst into flames and disappear like a burning pile of gasoline soaked tissues.

Tip #2) Nurture the Cherry

This tip is the perfect pipe smoking tip to follow the last one because when your herb is the right moistness, you can get a nice cherry going that will allow you to smoke it without having to re-light it. The cherry is an ember in your herb that glows as you take draws from your pipe and looks like a little cherry (hence the name). This is usually not much of an option with glass spoons as it is more trouble than it’s worth. This is usually something reserved for briar pipes as the deep well can feed the cherry the oxygen it needs without letting the wind kill or overstimulate it. With one of these pipes, once you have a cherry going, just take nice puffs from your pipe to keep it going and enjoy the ride!

Tip #3) Breathe Deep

This one will take some people a bit of time to master. Taking a nice deep breath from your pipe can cause some to hack and cough more than they might want to. Over time your lungs will adapt to the feeling of the smoke, but until then, take in some of the smoke with a deep breath of air to help get the smoke into your lungs while making it less harsh. Over time, increase the amount of smoke and decrease the amount of air and soon enough you’ll be smoking like an iron-lung champ in no time!

Tip #4) Use The Choke

Some smoking pipes for sale out there, especially the glass ones, have a little hole near the bowl. This hole is the choke, sometimes referred to as a carb hole, which is an alternate air pathway. This helps to make taking a puff from your pipe less harsh by incorporating air into the mix as you breathe in. Everyone has their own preferred method for using it, but one way that works well is to take your draw for a second or 2 with the hole plugged, then open it and take a nice deep breath in. The timing will take practice to make it perfect for you, but once you’ve got it, you’ll feel like you’ve taken pipe smoking to a whole new level!

Practice really is the best tip anybody could give anyone for anything. In know, vague, right? But it’s true! Practicing will make you better and using your pipe and make smoking from a pipe easier. At least with these pipe smoking tips, you have something to practice so you can become a smoking ace in no time!